Making Space for Random Kindness

On my journey to renewal my practice of Yoga is not what it was up to last year. So many things have changed in a very short period of time, my head feels like it spins. I read of other widows and widowers feeling the same thing at the outset. Does it ever settle down? Others say it does, with time.

Without conscious effort, I realize that I no longer eat the foods I ate in my life Before. My fashion sense has changed. My home office has relocated upstairs. My dining room, formerly Tab’s office, will return to some form of a dining room, but not a traditional dining room by any means. Traditional is just not who we were. My priorities have shifted. I no longer care about high paying jobs and the career I worked for in the past. I’m happy with less. As happy as I can be at this point in time, less is enough. There is a lot I just don’t give a shit about anymore and I’m not afraid to say so.

Yet there is one thing I do care about with a fierce sense and that is paying it forward. I pray more than I ever have Before. I am aware that I am blessed with angels, those of the next world and the present world. A short time before my husband’s passing, I had a dream in which I was a child visiting my paternal great-grandfather’s house, as we often did while he was alive. It was the first dream I’ve ever had about him and it stays with me. He was a jolly soul, always laughing, smiling, arms out stretched for me. He had a black dog named Andrew who was a cocker spaniel.

My great-grandfather lived in a big old house of character. The house was a bit scary to me. What I saw in my dream, however, was the large wood banister on the curvy staircase. I would know it anywhere, and I don’t know why. Well, there he was sitting in his chair as I hung back by the banister for whatever reason. His arms were out for me and his smile and laugh echoed all around me in the dream. I saw his dog sleeping at his feet, like always. I felt reassured in this dream. I felt like he was telling me that everything would be alright in due time. Like I said, the memory of this dream I had while sleeping one night in August or September stays with me. And I try like heck to hang on to it.

Since this dream, and all that has occurred since then, I am more aware of kindness and how great it is to be kind. You never know how a single act of kindness will ripple through the life you touch. I know I am grateful for every conscious act of kindness directed to me. To honor those acts, and to honor my late husband, who had a heart of gold, I strive to be a resource for others, an essential instrument in the orchestra of other lives. I have a lot to give back and pay forward in the new chapter of my life; Starting Over.

My point here is to underscore the need to make space for random kindness. In Yoga speak, heart openers and sun salutations are a must for such a commitment. Practice makes it happen.

Thank you for reading. May blessings abound in your life.



About Karen Brislin Julius, M.Sc.

Making Space is about living in comfort while in transition. Change is difficult yet not always unwelcome. The process is easier through modifications inside and outside of ourselves. Practicing Yoga inspired me to make space. On a simple level, I hope I can inspire you as well. Life is short so live tall. Reach and stretch beyond your comfort zone.
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