Making Space with Baby steps and leaps of faith

Baby steps and leaps of faith, that’s where I am at in this new life I didn’t choose but am adapting too. Photos show the past and still, I have no idea what, even the near future holds.

I’m venturing forth with a leap of faith in a new to me industry, Retail, that I am enjoying and thriving in so far. It’s happier than healthcare. I feel anxious when I think of healthcare; a little PTSD from the past 9 years.

In addition to a new career, in five short months of widowhood, I have used the time not only to process my grief but to build my own small business on eBay. In this short time I have reached Top Rated Seller Plus. It’s a goal I didn’t really try to hit, but I did, and I’m proud of it.

In my present topsy-turvy world I have cleaned out closets, made new space, filled some of it with new things. I worry about finances, about my house, and my logical side says this is a bad time for a career change. I can’t change nor control what happened to me in the past, but the dawning tomorrow is something I have at least a little control over. So I’m choosing different this time. Nothing is the same. I get a re-do, at a tremendous price, yes, but I get it. Blessings abound.


About Karen Brislin Julius, M.Sc.

Making Space is about living in comfort while in transition. Change is difficult yet not always unwelcome. The process is easier through modifications inside and outside of ourselves. Practicing Yoga inspired me to make space. On a simple level, I hope I can inspire you as well. Life is short so live tall. Reach and stretch beyond your comfort zone.
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